FAQs – Products


To order an item, choose an item that you want and click on either the Add to Cart or Buy Now buttons.

To ensure you have the best shopping experience, you may add items to your cart to continue to browse and search for items.

Items in your cart may be removed before you checkout.

To use your cart, simply click on the Add to Cart button.

The wishlist is a feature to bookmark all of your favorite products for purchase at a later date.

To use this feature, click on the heart icon on the item of your choice

All your orders are historically saved in your My Orders page.

If you want to receive a confirmation email, you may do so during checkout and payment by clicking on the checkbox to receive it.

To ensure you have a great shopping experience, we highly suggest that you use the built in features of our website.

We do not accept orders through Facebook Chat.

We regularly clear out My Cart contents after 30 minutes from your last Add to Cart.

To prevent your stocks from being removed from the cart, please checkout within the 30 minute time frame.

If you wish to re-order, please add the item to My Cart again.