FAQs – Shipping


All orders are shipped from Metro Manila.

Free shipping is offered depending on our current promotion.

Please stay tuned to this website, or our Facebook page, for these exciting announcements!

To change your shipping address, go to My Account. Under My Account, click Edit Address.

Yes, you may have multiple shipping addresses.

Upon checkout, your default address will auto populate. You may change this if you wish your orders to be shipped to a different location.

Please expect your orders within the following days:
Metro Manila: Delivery within 1 – 3 Working Days
Outside Metro Manila: Hand-off to Logistics Partner 1 – 3 Working Days

Should there be a running major campaign, your orders may take additional working days to process due to the volume of orders being processed by our team.

Holidays and Sundays are not included in the computation of working days.

To track your order, please go to My Orders at the top right of your screen.

Yes, you may authorize a different person to receive the item on your behalf.

To do this, please indicate your authorized receiver’s name in the Shipping Address. This is accessible through My Account.

If your order is cancelled, it may be due to the following:
1. Customer Issues
    (a) Invalid/Missing Shipping Address
    (b) Customer or Authorized Receiver is not available to receive
    (c) COD payment is not prepared
    (d) COD payment is short of value
2. Stock Availability Issues

Should the delivery be unsuccessful because there is no receiver, our Logistics team will re-attempt to deliver your order at a later date. If the second delivery is still unsuccessful, your order must be picked up at our head office. Please send a message to our chat agents for more information about the pick-up.

If paid orders are cancelled, the total amount will be credited back to your payment origin.

Please note that some banks and credit card providers may take up to 21 business days or process and credit the amount to your card. Orders paid by cash will be credited to your preferred bank account, and may take up to 30 business days.

If your order is cancelled, you will no longer be able to receive it.

If you still wish to receive your order, kindly create another order through our website. Please ensure that all customer related issues are sorted out before your next delivery. If stock is no longer available, please add the item to your wishlist.

Your orders are processed within a 24 hour period. As such, the earliest time we can ship out your item will be 1-2 working days after your initial order is placed.

All of our orders are shipped by our delivery personnel to ensure that you receive your order in the best condition.

We do not allow customer pick-ups.